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Russell Hampton
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Rotary Club of Fonthill Electronic Board Meeting
Dec 7, 2020
Board: Hugh, Ann, Mike, Randy, Dave
Directors: Bob, Mel, Annie, Troy, Roy, Meghan, Heather
My intention is to conduct a Board meeting via email, including a couple of motions and voting.
I have successfully used this method for Council meetings at my church, which I also chair.
Rather than try and get everyone together at one time for a Zoom meeting, you can deal with this at your convenience.
I would like all replies by end of day tomorrow (Tuesday) so that I can report at Wednesday's club meeting.
Please make sure to "reply all" and to include your responses where applicable (you will see what I mean).
To business

1. Since the restructuring of the Board a few years ago, the number of voting members has been reduced.

I would like to have more "voted" approval of items which require motions.

So, the first motion is to extend voting privileges to the Directors of the club, for this meeting.

I will deal with voting at future meetings as we progress in the review of club bylaws.
Motion: to extend voting privileges to the Directors of Rotary Club of Fonthill, for the duration of this Board meeting.
Moved:  Mike     Seconded: Dave   
Note: for this motion, only current Board members can act.
Assuming that the first motion will carry, everyone can move/second and vote on the remaining motions.
Dave, please send information regarding Andy and Kevin to Board and Directors, for information on the next 2 motions. (Done)
If these motions pass, the candidates will be presented to the club on Wednesday, December 16. (Hugh will conduct an email vote with membership following the Wednesday Dec 9 meeting)
2. Motion: to approve the transfer of membership of Andy Glavac to Rotary Club of Fonthill.
Moved: Mike    Seconded:  Dave 
3. Motion: to approve the transfer of membership of Kevin Vallier to Rotary Club of Fonthill
Moved: Mike   Seconded: Dave   
4. Not sure if we need a motion on the next part, but it can't hurt.
There is a Financial Component which can be added to Clubrunner, funded by the District to implement.
This component will make it easier and simpler to process dues, event registrations, donations, etc.
We would like to implement and make use of the module for processing next installment of semi-annual dues.
Motion: to implement the Financial Component of Clubrunner as offered by D7090
Moved: Mike   Seconded: Dave   
5. Former Rotarian Jody Vizza is working with the Socks for Change organization, which we have supported in the past.
She has asked us to partner with a local school, at a cost of $250 for this year's campaign.
Hugh will forward Jody's information in a separate email.
While this needs to be a club commitment, I would like approval from this group to take it to the club on Wednesday.
Motion: to present information to club meeting on Wednesday December 9, regarding Socks For Change project.
Moved: Mike   Seconded:  Dave 
6. Information items - these will also be shared at club meeting Wednesday during announcements period.
i) I-CANTER group has purchased their horse-drawn lawn mower, for which we have approval for funding through the District Grant program. We will be writing a cheque for $5000 and Mel will be contacting the Grant committee.
ii) we have submitted the Municipal Grant application for the waiving of meeting room fees (assuming we ever get to meet in person again). It is under review by the Town and everything looks good.
iii) we have received information from the Rotary Club of Dhulikhel-Nepal telling us about their service projects. I will circulate this to you and all of the club after Wednesday's meeting.
iv) we will be sending out semi-annual dues invoices in the next week or so. We will also be asking members to confirm their intention to remain as members of the club. RI bills us twice a year based on membership numbers at July 1 and January 1, so we want to make sure our numbers are accurate and current.
v) Ann is preparing her slate of officers and directors for the 21-22 year. This will be presented for Board approval in a few weeks, so that it can be voted on by the club before December 31.
That's it for now. Thank you for staying the course for the entire "meeting".
Please reply, with all responses, by the end of Tuesday (or sooner).
It is my pleasure to serve as your president during this time.
Thank you.
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Meridian Community Centre, 2nd Floor
100 Wellspring Way
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am
Note: Meetings are by Zoom at 7:30am
during Stage 3 of Emergency Measures