When Carol Lloyd of Pelham visited El Salvador for three days, last January, little did she know that she would be introduced to poverty, first hand. A guided tour to a coffee plantation opened her eyes to 'Fair Trade,' and poverty. Carol, who owns and operates her own Coffee House in Pelham, could see a way of supporting 'Fair Trade,' and has now made other valuable connections with a group of Fair Trade supporters from Vermont. Through her tour guide, Carol was introduced to a nearby orphanage, with 75 small children, and another with older children. She found the conditions at the orphanages deplorable - only 15 bed for 75 kids. Kitchen, and laundry facilies were inadequate etc. Carol has since returned with suitcases full of medicine, via help from her doctor, and has also managed to bring 500 pounds of food to the orphanages. It shows what good will and action can do to help the poor and innocent. Great work ,Carol! I hope you will return and tell us more about your endeavour. Thanks for sharing it with us.