Steve Malone, Paramedic, and CEO of HHCF gave a slide presentation and update on his November 2012 mision to Honduras.   Our local resident, Graham Pett, who with his wife, Edie, attended that mission, added his input about the wonderful job Steve is accomplishing, helping the poor in Honduras. 

Rotary Club of Fonthill proudly presented Steve Malone with a cheque for $2,600, enough to build a little house for a poor family.   Steve was very happy and thankful for that financial help.   The houses are built about three feet above ground in order to keep the families dry during the rainy season.   Local hands will have the foundations ready when Steve's group arrives.   Steve holds health clinics the first few days, and then builds the house(s) with the help of group and local hands.   For the next trip, (Steve's 31st. in a little over ten years), he has raised funding for three houses.  

Our very own Rotarian, Frank Adamson, also a paramedic, owner of Kvik fit will be joining Steve on the April mission.  Frank already has his air ticket and is very much looking forward to the mission.   Have a wonderful trip, Frank and Steve.   We are looking forward to Frank's return and further update on the mission.