Minutes from Club Meeting July 11, 2018
Thanks to Annie for taking and recording notes!
Rotary Club of Fonthill, Breakfast Meeting, July 11, 2018                                                                                                      
Lookout Point Golf Club
Announcements:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Summerfest (Roy)                                                                                                                                                                                                          
You need to have your Smart Serve card with you. Roy is circulating list for confirmation and concerns.        
Suppermarket Training (Roy) July 31. August 9 is the actual date.
Club meetings for rest of July (Mel)     
Debate is scheduled for September 17 or 18. File put together by Pat from the last one is in Jody’s hands for this one. Carolyn is checking on a moderator. 
Dues are due. 
July 18 meeting cancelled due to Golf Tournament and space conflict. Board meeting that day at 730 am at new Tim Horton’s.                July 25 meeting – there is no breakfast meeting. We’re meeting at Mr. Mike’s on Niagara Street, Welland at 600pm for a social get together. Spouses/partners welcome. It’s not a formal affair. We’re supporting Mr. Mikes as they participated in Mudfest.
Tour de Lac (Frank A) July 20-22. There’s a Lion’s Club Barbeque and everyone is welcome on the Sunday as the tour ends. Smart Serve could be of help. Ron Core is providing buns and condiments and Country Corner is providing sausages, etc. Frank is also still seeking 2 drivers – you don’t travel with the riders, you meet at strategic spots for water, snacks. You carry tire tubes, etc. If someone were to fall, the group would call you to come and help. Drivers don’t use their own vehicles, get fed and get a pillow and bed 2 nights. Call Frank if you can help.
Paul Harris Fellow for Community Member(s) (Mel) Please pass on worthy possible recipient names to Mel for Paul Harris Award this coming fall. Someone you feel does ongoing exemplary work in the community.     
Resignation (Mel) Sadly Ken Siggins has resigned. He always stepped up to the plate, especially in the Clubrunner capacity. We need a new Clubrunner person to share the secretary duties. Ann Harrison does the regular meeting and board meeting minutes.  HELP!!                                                                                                 
Tour of Community Centre is 12-4 on Saturday the 14th
Youth exchange (Mike) Fede left us on Saturday the 7th to return home to Paraguay and Greta arrives August 16 from Hungary. She will be staying with Mike, Nancie and Eli’s for the first three months and at Laura Kenney’s for the next three months. Mike says we still need two more for the last homestays.
Guest Speakers for Today: Bob Eamer and Mel Groom
Bob: Our club operates on the POD system. Bob tried to equalise size and members actually attending and those who aren’t. Pen Financial is on the same team. Frank as DGN is in a separate league. Paul S suggested adding mini classification to duties of a pod. Bob suggested we look for inspiring speakers – outreach into community and vice versa. Speakers help us ‘know’ the community. This community is going to grow quickly. When you meet someone you find interesting, others will probably find it so as well. Can Trust, a Cannabis company on Hwy 20 has 200 employees and the number is going up to 400. Other businesses are coming. We need to make sure we give our speakers the time needed. For example, Hugh’s contact list would have great speakers. Carolyn suggested the mini be strictly vocational. Mel thanked Bob and reminded him a donation would go to the library in his name.
Mel: Five Avenues of Service and Chairs: Club (Bob E), Vocational (Jody), Community (Roy), Youth (Mike) and International (TBD). A few areas are highlighted here. Native/Indigenous Rights, etc is a new Community category for us - Ann H has taken this on.  Ann has arranged an awareness session for us on September 12, 5-7 pm.
Organizing the Mayoral Debate (September 17 or 18) comes under the Vocational service (Jody V chair). Carolyn is working on a suitable moderator.                                             
 Friendship Exchanges, a Vocational program– Mel and Jody - the recent South African Friendship Exchange is another international exchange program. Benefits? Broaden international understanding; explore a specific profession or job in a different context; build enduring friendships, establish a foundation for peace and service; gain opportunities for active project involvement  and support; learn about a region’s people, food, languages, customs, history                                                                                                                                         New members need to understand Rotary. They need mentoring to gain that understanding and to feel like part of the club. Tenured Rotarians would take this on.                                                                                                                                                          
Fundraising: Paul S looking for ideas to replace Mudfest.                                                                                                          
Youth services: Mike and Troy Youth Exchange, Troy; Early Act, Mike and Troy, Interact, Pat & Jeannette Lewis, Slapshot & RYLA, Pat.
There was good discussion arising from Ken’s resignation, from home stay possibilities for Youth exchange. TBC.