Paul Morgan, a Niagara Business Consultant, presented a new product called'Meal 53.'   Meal 53 is  a raw, dried food supplement.  It is food in living form, because the enzymes are still intact, (not killed by heating), therefore supposed to be 'blood cleansing.'

Mr. Morgan is looking for sales agents willing to sell this product, produced in South Korea, and has put together a half an hour handbook on the product.   The product comes in powder form and consists of 14 grains, 22 vegetables, 11 fruits, five sea plants and salt.   A box with a three month supply (90 pouches) costs $230.00, with a profit of $90.00 .  Morgan claims taking this product will cure type 2 diabetes in just six weeks.   He demonstrated adding contents of a pouch to his favourite juice, gave it a shake , or two, and drank it.  He uses it as a lunch substitute, and claims to feel vigourated since starting it.  I can't help feeling there must be some like me, who would rather sit down to a 'Danish Smørgås Bord,' candle lights, aches and pains, and cholesterol worries.

Mr. Morgan told an interesting story about science having established that Neanderthal Man suffered from arthritis, but Inuit didn't.  Neanderthal cooked his meat over open  fires -  Inuit ate their meat raw.   Inuit were formerly referred to as 'Eskimos,' a derogatory name given to them by North Western Indian Tribes, and also used to scare their kids off the sea ice.  "Don't go too far out on the ice, kids, or you will meet the 'Eskimos,' meaning, 'the eaters of raw meat.'