Dr Richard Taylor, Honorary Member of our club, is a chiropractor with a practice in Fonthill, Ontario. He was one of the founding directors of FogQuest in 2000. His initial involvement in FogQuest was as a tireless supporter and fund raiser for the fog collection projects in Nepal. In recent years he has visited Guatemala frequently and has contributed greatly to the fog collection projects there. His contributions extend far beyond board meetings and include a strong desire to develop technological innovations to improve the fog collectors and the water measurements. He keeps himself very busy with his family, his business, home construction projects and his dogs.  The Rotary Club of Fonthill were proud to be a part of this project.
FogQuest: sustainable water solutions, also referred to as FogQuest is a not-for-profit limited liability corporation that is incorporated in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It is also a Registered Charity with the Government of Canada.

The frequent requests for projects to provide water in places where conventional sources such as wells, rivers and pipelines were not available, as well as the tremendous interest in the 1998 and 2001 International Conferences on Fog and Fog Collection, led to the formation of FogQuest. FogQuest was founded in the year 2000 by Sherry Bennett and Bob Schemenauer in response to these needs and has become actively engaged in projects and in fund raising since the completion of the second Fog Conference in July 2001.

FogQuest builds upon the experience gained in projects conducted since 1987, which, even with limited funding, had shown the viability and effectiveness of using fog collectors to produce clean water for people in the deserts of South America and Africa.

How FogQuest Operates

FogQuest is a small, all-volunteer organization. No salaries are paid. In addition, we make every attempt to minimize costs associated with the office, travel, publications, etc. In many cases, travel is paid or subsidized by the volunteers working on the project. This has allowed FogQuest to spend at least 90% of donations received directly on fog-water projects in developing countries. The Government of Canada requires charities to meet a disbursement quota for funds raised to show that they are spending funds on the core objectives of the charity. FogQuest has exceeded its mandated disbursement quota in each year of its operations.

For more information about this great project please visit www.fogquest.org