Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
Welcome and Introductions: 
President Paul Snack welcomed visiting Rotarian, and President of the Welland Club, Tim Proctor. Special guests Susan Burr and her daughters Stephanie McWilliams and Julianne Sviergula were given a warm welcome.

President’s Updates and other business:
This was a business meeting so there was no guest speaker.
On November 8th there will be a social meeting at Vineland Estates winery. Family and friends are welcome. There could be food provided for $10 but that has not been finalized. There will not be a breakfast meeting that day.
December 7th is the date for the Christmas Dinner, which will be at Lookout for a cost of $50 per person + drinks. Mel raised the possibility of going to other venues to try and reduce the price but after some discussion it was agreed to stay with Lookout. Frank A. did some quick mental math and determined that it would only cost $14 per member after deducting the $36 in saving from missing the Nov 8th and Dec 6th breakfasts.
World Polio Eradication Day – October 24th
Mayor Dave and about 12 members attended the lighting of the arches in Town in Rotary colours. Several members also attended the lighting of Niagara Falls later that same evening were there were over 200 people in attendance. Currently there have been 12 cases of polio in the world this year down from 37 last year.

President Paul reminded us again of the upcoming District Conference at White Oaks, NOTL, October 27-29th.  Please check the website for registration details.  
President Paul asked about the Temperanceville display and Gail provided us with some background information. The display started 27 years ago and the buildings are to 1/10th scale. Some are stored at the Juvenile detention home and Gail is restoring some of them that have lost pieces. The display it assembled in the Fonthill Peace Park and there is a need for a truck and pallets. The display will start on December 3rd and run through until the new year.
TV Auction – Annie
The goal of raising $30,000 in donations has been exceeded. To date $31065 has been donated. Best of the Bunch pod is in the lead followed by Ralph’s Raiders. Hugh and Tia brought in the highest number of donations. There was a draw based on each member receiving a ticket for each donation. Mel was the winner of a gift bag of goodies. Annie told us that 25 people had donated $250 each towards expenses for the TV auction so that we can get more of the proceeds.
Fireside chats – Andrew told the club that a fireside chat for new and newer members ( and for anyone wanting to learn more about Rotary) was being arranged for November 18th.
President Paul mentioned that we still require two host families for Fede.
Frank A. told us that a Rotaract Club is being formed by 15 students, some of them who attended RYLA. Six of them will be attending the District Conference. Their meetings will rotate between St. Catharines, Thorold and Niagara Falls.
When Randy went through the 2017-18 budget, concern was raised that nothing had been allocated to the Fonthill Bandshell Concert Series. Frank A. said that the rose sales for Father’s Day will most likely happen again next year and that would increase the funds available. The TV auction may also exceed predictions and Randy will continue to review the allocation of funds in the budget.
Stephanie talked about her relationship with her father – papa, Doug, dad. She presented Fede with a gift bag of Tim Horton winter items, such as mits to help him adjust to his time in Canada.
Lance give us a mini classification talk. He was born and raised in Toronto and followed in his father’s footsteps and became a mechanical engineer, worked in many locations and industries before deciding to become a financial planner. He met his wife when he was working for the Department of Defense and she got to drive a tank.
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