Our Club celebrated the upcoming Christmas Season with family and Rotarian Friends from the St. Catharines Sunrise Club.   It was great to see many kids, both young and old, out at that hour of the morning.  A warm 'thanks' goes out to the  fellow Rotarian from the St. Catharines Club, who were able to join us.   There were prizes for the kids, and  trivia winners, all taken care off by our our generous members.  The happy fellowship hour ended with a sing-along of Christmas Carols/Songs, led by Carolyn, with Randy plucking his guitar.   It was a wonderful fellowship hour... Thanks to everyone who participated, and a special thanks to those who donated prizes, as well as gifts for our Sally Anne undertaking. 

I also wish to thank all the members who bought some of my little knitted dolls and wine cork Christmas ornaments (donkeys).  I am pleased to announce that your generosity helped raise $87.00 for Pelham Cares, which I hand delivered this morning.  THANKS!