Seven years ago, Jo Stewart, Administration Officer in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Brock U., started a knitting club, which she called 'The Needle Knockers.'   This group of knitters get together twice a month over lunch at Brock, knit, laugh and have fun  -  all for a good cause.   Jo has since started another group, 'Sticks, Strings and Stewardship,' which meet weekly at Morgan's Point United Church in Wainfleet.   They create knitted or crochet crafts for both fundraising and charities within local communities and beyond.

Jo presented a short, but interesting, history of knitting and its arabic roots.  By the 1600, the art of knitting had spread all over Europe.  Jo brought a large bag full of knitted items for 'show and tell.'   She also tried her darndest to recruit new knitters from our male Rotary members,  offering to teach them knitting from scratch.

When a third world family needed a house, the group got together and knitted items for sale, and thus raised the $1,400 required for the shelter.   Nursing students from Brock took knitted toys and dolls to HIV orphans in Africa, and discovered that the grandmothers looking after these children were in need of shawls.  Now shawls are knitted and sent over.   Shawls are also sent to Native Reserves, or wherever there is need.   Recently, a lovely blanket was created and raffled off for the benefit of United Way.

An ardent knitter, myself,  I found the presentation very interesting, and hope to contribute to the group in the future.   Thanks you very much for enlightening us about the history of knitting , as well as your group(s) hard work and achievements.