My name is Diane Watters and I am a Nutritionist, I have been in the weight loss industry for over 23 yrs.  I weighed 293 lbs.  After the loss of my mother to Ovarian Cancer it lead me down a dark road and I turned to food for comfort.  My sister KimLee introduced me to the process of weight Loss.  She helped me lose 150lbs.  My sister held the title of Miss Fitness of Ontario in 1993.  With my sisters coaching I was able to lose the weight in a little over a year.  It changed my life and I was hooked.  I decided this was my calling and wanted to help other people change their lives as my sister helped me. 

I opened up a Franchise called Roseglen Weight Loss and Wellness in Burlington.  One of my first clients Merry Hayward successfully lost over 100lbs. With me before my program Merry suffered from several ailments including heart problems.   Merry was seeing a cardiologist named Dr.Vakani.   Dr.Vakani was shocked that most of Merry's ailments went away with the weight.  Dr. Vakani and I developed a working relationship, he sent many clients to me with cardiac Issues.  After several years I met a man who lived here we had a child and so I relocated to Fonthill.

Here I met Jayne Watson who I worked alongside with. We worked in a large Weight Loss company where we both have passion for helping others.  We both had battled the scales.  We had many years of FUN.  We did theme days like Elvis, the 70's, and Lady Gaga just to name few.  We had a big part in the Town of Pelham’s heritage tea for the Queens 60th Jubilee.
Together Jayne and I opened up DJ Weight Management.  We wrote a weight loss program called The Smart Weigh.
The Smart Weigh is a unique program that is based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  It will guide you on a journey to successful weight loss and a lifestyle change that will help you achieve the desired healthy new you.
The Smart Weigh program offers
· Accelerates your metabolism with real food!
· No diet pills, prepackaged foods, injections or counting points!
· Individualized Programs
· No hidden weekly costs
· One on one personal counseling
· Proven results!
· Just Weight Loss!  
Through my continued weight-loss success I was voted #1 Best Weight Loss Clinic.

Over several weeks Jayne and I hosted an Ovarian Walk of Hope event and raised over $14,000 for ovarian cancer research.
During my life I have always tried to pay it forward and apply the four way test and Service Above Self!